Grinder on demand, stainless steel body.
Conical burrs in stainless steel 
The grinding time can be adjusted by programming or the continuous grinding function can be set.

Hopper capacity: 750 gr

Motor power: 180 W

R.p.m.: 1400

Millstone diam: 50 mm

Power feeding: 220-240V 50/60Hz 120V 60Hz

Width / depth / height: 190x260x455 mm

Weight: 7 kg



Grinder on demand, 430 stainless steel body. Wheel holder in polished aluminium. Conic wheels in hardened steel -diameter 38 mm. Option to select grinding. 300 gr coffee beans hopper.
Polished aluminium cover.

Dimensions (LxHxD) 130x320x200 mm

Weight 4 kg

Hopper 300g

Power 100W



The grinder has a top container for coffee beans, capacity gr. 250, it is fitted with plain mills allowing a wide regulation of the coffee grind.

Capacity container 250gr

Power 95W

R.P.M. 1400

Diameter millstone 50mm

Width, Depth, Height 135x250x305 mm

Weight 4,5 Kg

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