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  • ANTIQUE  WITH CRANK HANDLE Home Coffee Roaster


- NEW - Automatic Green coffee ROASTER


Coffee roaster with large capacity chaff collector (Smoke extension type)

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300 gr. green Coffee

La Pantera Tarrazu


origin COSTA RICA 





Why roast your own GREEN coffee?


For to enjoy the full, rich flavour of really fresh coffee. 

Home coffee roasting is quickly and preserve the freshness and particularity of the coffee.


1. Fresh coffee, always    

Roasted whole beans and ground coffee lose their flavour within a week or two after roasting.

Green, unroasted coffee will easily keep well for a year or more, waiting for you to roast it, and enjoy all the precious flavours. Coffee from your Coffee Roaster is fresh – always!


2. Coffee as you like it 
 Your Coffee Roaster allows you to choose the coffee that you like, and roast it easily as you like it!


3. So easy, anyone can do it 
    Roasting coffee in your Coffee Roaster requires no special skills. It's easy . Select the temperature and the time , and let your Coffee Roaster do the rest. 


4. Roasting coffee saves money 

    Roasting coffee with your Coffee Roaster is more economical if you consider the quality.

The brand roasted coffee cannot compete , You only roast the best and you get what it is impossible for the industrial coffee.




Gene Café 

Mixing type

Vortex twisting

Cooling type

Ambient temp. forced ventilation (approx. 10min)

Heating type

Indirect hot air (0~30min)

Temp. control

0°-C ~ 250°-C

Heater cap.

1,200 ~ 1,300 Watts

Power supply

220V - 50/60Hz

Power consumption

1,200 ~ 1,300 Watts



Heat-resisting tempered glass tube(PYREX)






19"x10"9"/490mm X 243mm X 229mm(Chaff Collector included)


12.13 lbs / 5.5kg


Red or Black




GENECAFE manual.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 5.6 MB
Gene_Service (1).xls
Microsoft Excel Table 6.9 MB