Coffee grinders 

ZED automatic grinder

Automatic grinder, managemente electronic of the doses, with function to grind activation on demand,

flat grinders ø 63.5 mm., rpm 1400 - 0.33 HP Power


1 kg coffee hoper


Coffee grinder with grinding function which can be activated on demand. This function allows to obtain the following advantages : • fresh grinding effected at the moment for a prompt use and in requested dose • avoid coffee’ s oxidation caused by a long stay in the doser, saving the organoleptic qualities. • the instant grinding ( 3 seconds for one dose 7 gr and 6 seconds for one dose 14 gr), avoids the mills overheating, the extreme roasting and the powder burning. • preserve the fragrance, the right humidity parameter apart from the atmospheric conditions which can be assured only by an instant and fresh grinding.


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ZIP MAXI automatic grinder

Automatic grinder, with function activation on coffee ground empty and stop full,

flat grinders ø 63.5 mm., rpm 860 - 0.50 HP Power

1 kg coffee hoper

924,00 €

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