8 is the atomic number of oxygen.







Cafeat8.. is something more than just Coffee :)


NO industrial coffee at Cafeat8 !!!!!


coffees are freshly roasted 

when is freshly roasted , coffee is alive and  healthy!!

all green coffee used are organic certify  !!

I strive as much as possible to offer ONLY organic !!

Cafeat8 is trying its  best !!


Here are 10 good reasons for CAFEAT8 organic food

Organic food tastes better.

With organic food, care for your health.

Organic food does not contain harmful chemicals.

Organic food does not contain pesticides.

Organic food does not contain genetically modified organisms.

With organic food, care for future generations.

Organic farming promotes biodiversity.

Organic farming saves energy.

With organic farming to prevent soil erosion.

With organic farming protect water resources.

Picture from the magazine DE MORGEN published on 25th October 2014

How from airplane designer one became an ON THE ROAD coffee roaster.....

Sometimes ago

from the Green Coffee BEAN to the cup.... ..........coffee brings people together


My name is Alfio, I am an Italian in Belgium with the passion of coffee, specialty coffee, and developing all is necessary for to get "THE perfect CUP"  !!!!

In 1984 , some how like in Orwell book just finish the high school, I start university , wanted to open a coffee-bar, wanted to build hovercraft, wanted to do many things  ...........,with a background in Airplane construction, I studied for that, I kept coffee as a passion and I went on with a carrier of technical designer, first as mechanic, after welder, painter, assembler and in the end >I was a mechanical designer but also sailor and painter.....

in 2001 finally I was on ''coffee'' in Estonia, in 2005 I started to work with some organic single origin coffee and I built up a ''coffee micro roastery'' meantime I build up a small international coffee corporation supplying  with coffee, machinery and coffee training about 300 bars, Hotels, restaurants ......but in 2008 I reloaded and I restart a new COFFEE life.


I became father,I stop cigarettes , ....and I started my new adventure  with coffee from the A to Z in my Cafeat8 customized Coffee-Truck.


Today I am in coffee like an old Alchemist and I am QUITE the master of the all coffee proceeding, Quite, as I am not cultivating coffee trees yet .


As YOU can imagine, my coffees should be special  !!!!



I am an Italian born in Busto Arsizio near Milan with real strong Sicilian  roots..... the imagines below were taken in Sicily........